Understanding “Prince2” Project Management Methodology in 3 minutes

Here is everything you need to know about the outlines of “Prince2”.

  • stands for “PRojects IN Controlled Environments”
  • de facto standard project management method in UK and in Europe
  • used internationally in over 150 countries
  • a governance for project management
  • can be applied to any project
  • process driven project management methodology
  • focus on business justification
  • product-based planning approach
  • benefits not only PMs, but also directors/executives, team members and other stakeholders involved in projects
  • widely used around the globe to service as the common and consistent language on the project management arena
  • supported by a worldwide network of examination institutions and accredited training organizations
  • 7 principles
  • 7 themes
  • 7 processes
  • tailoring to create their own project management method
  • can be used alongside with engineering models, agile software development methods and specific techniques
  • has continued business justification
  • learns from experiences: lessons are sought,  recorded and acted upon throughout the life of the project
  •  has roles and responsibilities representing the business, user and supplier interests
  • planned, monitored and controlled on a stage-by-stage basis
  • has 3 levels of plans – project plan, stage plan and team plan
  • define responsibilities for directing, managing and delivering the project
  • define tolerances, establish limits of delegated authority then manage by exception
  • focuses on the definition and delivery of products, particularly on their quality requirements
  • has 2 types of products: management products and specialist products
  • 26 management products
  • tailored to suit the project environment, size, complexity, importance, team capability and risk
  • 2 official manuals: Prince2 and Prince2 AGILE
  • 2 levels of certification on each arena: Foundation & Practitioner and Agile Foundation & Agile Practitioner
  • Prince2 can be used alongside with PMBOK: Prince2 is a methodology while PMBOK is a standard so that they can complement each other

A nice YouTube video explaining Prince2  in 101 seconds here: “Prince2 in 100 Seconds

Here is the latest Prince2 manual released in 2017 if you want to know more about Prince2. Details about the manual as follows:

  • “Managing Successful Projects with Prince2”
  • 2017 Edition
  • Published by TSO
  • Copyright @ AXELOS Limited 2017
  • 405 pages
  • 7 principles, 7 themes, 7 processes and tailoring
  • 26 management products
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Product based planning examples
  • Health check
  • Glossary

Managing Successful Projects With Prince2 2017

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