PRINCE2 Agile – The Agile Mindset, Values and Principles

One of the challenges to an agile way of working is that an organization starts with frameworks and practices over mindsets and values when they are still immature to agile.

Sitting behind the wheel of F1 car does not make you a Formula One driver.. You need to know why you are driving the Formula one machine and what values you are achieving by driving it.

You need to understand why you are doing what you do first before you know how to do them. Without knowing why, you do not optimize your how… You become a professional driver once you realize the reasons, the values and the principles.

If Scrum as a framework is taught and the employees are trained of how, if they do not embrace the agile mindset, values and the 12 principles behind them, it’s Not going to work.

The management and the employees collectively as the whole organization must understand and come to appreciate this new way of working so then and only then people receive and accept Scrum framework and XP practices.


Agile mindset is supported by 4 Agile Values then further supported by 12 Agile Principles.

4 Agile Values are “Manifesto for Agile Software Development”.


Twelve Agile Principles are “Principes behind the Agile Manifesto”.


So many companies start with a framework/some practices and complain that their agile is not accelerating….

We must start with the core – the mindset which we all embrace as the backbone and the guiding principles of our actions.

Agile mindset comes from 4 values and 12 principles, the  foundation of everything else.

Agile transformation goes as follows:

  1. know agile values and principles so that we can have the right mindset
  2. then know how such as Scrum, XP to help us own and refine our processes to realize agile values and live up to the agile principles
  3. knowing why and employing the right approach to optimize what, then it becomes easier to deliver values to the customers

Here is the Prince2 manual with further read.

Prince2 Agile

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